Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Holy crap! Charlie Goro gets a vote too

I mentioned earlier today that the national media considers the Vanderbilt quarterback job to be up for grabs between Larry Smith and Mackenzi Adams, but Commodore fans have already written down Larry's name as the starter. In ink.

And Mackenzi's name's in ink, too, as the backup. I mean, how can you kick a guy to the curb who'll forever be on the Vanderbilt highlight reel for his game last season against Auburn?

But so far Mac hasn't garnered a single vote in our admittedly uncreative poll. But a lame poll can yield interesting results, right?

So now even Charlie Goro's gotten a vote. Anybody who's seen that kid in person swears he's the quarterback of the future. But not the present. So I'll ask the same question that I did this morning with Funk. What made you vote for Charlie? Do you really think he can be our starter next season? Are you his mother?

Or maybe you're from Illinois, home of both Funk and Goro. Funk and Goro. Sounds like a construction company.

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