Monday, March 16, 2009

Vanderbilt says no thanks to CBI — whatever that is

Of course Vanderbilt didn't get an invitation to the Big Dance. But then the Dores got snubbed by the NIT, which actually extended an invitation to Tennessee-Martin, which was ranked 149th in the nation according to the RPI.

It's the first time since 1982 that Vanderbilt had a winning record and didn't get an NIT berth.

Is the NIT field smaller now? Are there just more basketball teams? Are the little guys getting better? What sort of tie-ins does the NIT have?

On second thought, I don't really care.

And thank goodness we turned down an invitation to play in the College Basketball Invitational, whatever that is. Evidently you have to put up money to host a game. I can think of a lot of analogies for that but I'm not going to try. It's Monday morning.

Hey, the Lady Dores get their NCAA bid tonight. Should be a pretty good seed.

Oh, Justin Wheeler tore some ligaments in his knee yesterday in spring football training. Like I said, it's Monday. We didn't want to end on good news.

But have a good one anyway.


Bob Loblaw said...

I call BS on that - the Dores aren't so bad they can't get an NIT bid! I feel bad for the team, but hopefully they use it as fuel for their fire for the next 2-3 years.


Yeah, we'd drill Tennessee-Martin!