Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Commodore-related thoughts on a Saturday morning

Thank goodness we're not playing Tennessee today. Alabama has a nice, athletic team, as they showed in their dunk-a-rama victory over Vandy on Thursday — but they're kind of like Tennessee Lite, as they showed in their loss yesterday to the Vols. We just don't match up well with UT, and A.J. Ogilvy in particular has problems against guys like Chism.

The guys over at VSL think we may not even get an NIT invite. I'd be shocked if we don't. It's been a long time since a team from a major conference that's more than five games over .500 didn't get a shot at Madison Square Garden. (We're 19-12.) How often have you seen a big-name team that's 16-14 make the NIT? Very often.

But speaking of big-name teams, the Lady Dores should land a nice seed in the Big Dance. At least a four-spot, I'd say, maybe even a three. Their victory over No. 5 Auburn in the SEC finals was most impressive.

Speaking of Auburn, how could the male Tigers look so great against Florida last night when we handled them pretty good at their house earlier this season and got spanked twice by the Gators? Well, point guard Quantez Robertson, the SEC defensive player of the year who had a huge blocked three-pointer at the buzzer yesterday, missed the Vanderbilt game because he was getting a haircut and was late to the game and Coach Jeff Lebo benched him for the whole thing.

Not much news from football practice. A recent Tennessean headline was lauding Brent Upson's versatility. What, is he gonna play cornerback? Oh, kicker. Hmmm. He's a punter who was second on the depth chart last season at placekicker. You need a strong leg to punt. You need a strong leg to kick. I think I understand.

Looks like Austin Monahan's leg injury has healed but Chris Reinert's has not. Best wishes to Chris. But in the cold, cruel world of collegiate sports, we need the 6-foot-7 tight end with starting experience on the field a whole lot more than we need the scrappy little receiver whose biggest play of the year was pumping up the crowd when he was being driven off the field in a golf cart.

Redshirt freshman Ryan Seymour has moved to offensive tackle from defensive end. Think I've already told you that. But the last time we moved a young, quick-footed 275-pound defensive end over to offense was a couple of years ago when Reilly Lauer shifted to left tackle, where he was starting by the end of last season. And look where Seymour has landed on the pre-season depth chart: As a backup to Lauer at left tackle.

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