Monday, March 2, 2009

Angry Bronco fans rally ’round Jay Cutler — who's smart because he went to Vanderbilt

Can you imagine what last year's Vanderbilt football team would have done with Jay Cutler at the helm?

Well, right now Denver Broncos fans are imagining what life might be like without Jay Cutler at the helm. And they're not happy.

In case you missed it, the Broncos were approached by Tampa Bay about a three-way trade with the Patriots that would have sent Matt Cassell to Denver and Cutler to the Buccaneers. Josh McDaniels, as you may recall, was selected to replace fired Denver head coach Mike Shanahan in large part because of the performance of perennial backup Cassell after Tom Brady went down for the season.

You know, McDaniels was going to implement the Patriots system so why not bring the Patriots quarterback to Denver with him? Of course, Cassell is now headed for Kansas City and the Broncos office is now saying that Tampa Bay approached them first and they've never had any intentions of trading Cutler.

Come on. Why didn't Tampa Bay approach, say, the Colts and ask for Peyton Manning? Because they didn't have a chance. But they thought they'd have a chance with the Broncos franchise quarterback. And why is that?

Cutler, who has a reputation for being cocky and outspoken (after all, he is a multimillionaire NFL quarterback who's been on "South Park"; see above photo) is understandably livid and quickly unloaded on a Denver Post reporter.

In the story, Cutler wonders if McDaniels thinks he's not smart enough to run the complicated new offense. Then the reporter mentions that Cutler graduated from Vanderbilt. I can tell you it works — I graduated from Vanderbilt and let's just say that people think I'm smarter than I really am.

Anyway, when the story broke, Denver fans went crazy posting in defense of Cutler. My favorite comment: "If we trade Cutler, I'll shoot myself."

Now there's even a site dedicated to saving Jay Cutler.

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