Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Redshirt freshmen lead Vanderbilt's clean plate club

So who on the Vanderbilt football team has gained the most weight since last season?

The redshirt freshmen, of course.

Safety Al Owens gained a whopping 34 pounds since arriving on campus. He now tips the scales at 212 — wonder if he's lost any speed? He's pictured above, in his lighter days.

Here are the other redshirt freshmen who've gained more than 10 pounds:

• Offensive lineman Caleb Welchans: 25 pounds to hit 290
• Defensive tackle Taylor Loftley: 22 pounds to 272
• Offensive lineman Ryan Seymour: 20 pounds to 275
• Athlete Archie Barnes: 18 pounds to 218
• Defensive tackle Rob Lohr: 15 pounds to 275
• Defensive end John Burrow: 15 pounds to 245
• Linebacker Dexter Daniels: 15 pounds to 225
• Defensive end Josh Jelesky: 14 pounds to 248
• Defensive back Micah Powell: 13 pounds to 205
• Wide receiver Akeem Dunham: 13 pounds to 198

Most of the guys strapping on the feedbag are linemen. But Richard Cagle did quite the opposite, dropping 10 pounds to weigh 270.

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