Friday, February 5, 2010

Georgia's new linebackers coach is Warren Belin, Vanderbilt recruiting coordinator and linebackers coach

Who was Bobby Johnson praising two days ago when he announced his best recruiting class ever?

His recruiting coordinator, Warren Belin.

And now Belin, who is also the Commodores' linebackers and special teams coach, is joining Mark Richt's staff as linebackers coach at Georgia. You can read the entire press release and get some analysis on David Hale's excellent Georgia blog.

Belin was with Bobby Johnson for the past eight years and helped develop linebackers Hunter Hillenmeyer, Marcus Buggs, Moses Osemwegie, Jonathan Goff, Patrick Benoist and now Chris Marve. If you're a Georgia fan and don't recognize those names, let's just say that all those guys were two-star recruits who developed into All-SEC players under Coach Belin's tutelage. Most of those guys are playing or will play in the NFL, and Hillenmeyer is the son of a stockbroker and the Bears linebacker who stripped the ball from Adrian Peterson in overtime of a late-season Monday night game to stun Farve and the Vikings.

Imagine what Belin can do with four- and five-star talent, if those guys are willing to learn and achieve their potential. Some of my UGA buddies tell me that's a big if, but Vandy fans don't feel any better about facing the Dawgs defense with Belin on their sideline.

And now Belin will be using his knowledge and skill recruiting in Georgia and especially the Atlanta area for the benefit of the Bulldogs, who really don't need any help getting that state's best talent.

Bulldog fans, our loss is definitely your gain.


Unknown said...

This is a very big loss as evidenced by the number of Atlanta area players we have succesfully recruited. Did they pay him tha tmuch more money or were there otehr reasons for his switch?

Anonymous said...

Would you want to keep on coaching for a staff that is so inept on offense that you can't win even if your defense plays lights out (because they are out there all day)



In his statement, Belin mentioned having the chance to win SEC and national championships. Some UGA fans are interpreting that comment as a backhanded slap at Vandy, but I've got to say I completely understand.

Ally said...

Most Dawg fans with an ounce of sense don't talk smack to Vandy fans anymore. Bobby Johnson is no joke as evidenced by the last 2 times y'all whipped our tails. What has always impressed me is your linebacking corps. I'm delighted to have Coach Belin in Athens, not only because he's a damn fine recruiter, Coach, has Special Teams exp, and is evidently a very good man. But mostly, i'm excited to have him because we don't have to face him on your sidelines anymore.

I have great respect for the Vandy program and Coach Johnson and wish you all well. I really hate he had to come from Vandy; I would've much preferred to poach a Coach from a program i loathe, like Flariduh :)


Yes, I'll be very interested to see what our new LBs coach (whoever it is) does with our players, who generally begin their Vandy careers as undersized projects. And I'll be interested to see what Belin can do with the ridiculous amount of talent that you guys get, especially from the state of Georgia. Thanks for the great comments. Beat Florida!

PJ said...

It is really amazing how Vandy fans are taking this with a lot of class. Guess I've been seeing too mamy Tennessee and Florida fans responses in UGA blogs so that lowered my expectations overall. Hat off to you guys.
As a Dawg fan I'm really excited to see Belin coming to town. He sure did a great job with the LBs at Vandy, and your defense basically "beat" us two of the last 4 years. Add to that the fact that we were HORRIBLE in ST and he also coordinated ST there plus his recruiting abilities and the hire just turns out to be even better.

NCT said...

Hm. Vandy fans are classier than Tennessee and Florida fans. Who knew?

Great read on our new coach. Here's to your finding an excellent replacement (but not so excellent that you win more frequently).

I'm headed to Athens tomorrow night for one of those other sports UGA plays (after football, gymnastics, and tennis, sometimes it's hard to remember that our minor programs need support, as well). Hope your guys aren't too hard on the Hoop Dawgs. Cheers!

Greg M said...

One less quality coach and recruiter to cover up Ted Cains weakness. Looks like another 2-10 year is on the way.


Greg, a bit pessimistic, are we?

Greg M said...

Maybe 1-11, I am pretty sure we can beat Eastern Michigan but not sure about any of the others. We need to start playing four panzis out of conference or we are in big trouble. I hope we do better than that but maybe if we have another terriblr offensive year and finish 1-11 Bobby might clean hosue and get some real coaches on O.


We win no fewer than four games next season. I'm saying six.

lsmsrbls said...

It's always nice to see fans for two SEC teams getting along and treating each other with respect.

"Some UGA fans are interpreting that comment as a backhanded slap at Vandy, but I've got to say I completely understand."

I agree. To say that Vandy's not going to get an championship anytime soon isn't's honest. I'd be ecstatic to go to another bowl in the next year or two. And we'll miss him, but it's his career.