Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bobby Johnson is everywhere... and now he's in Alabama looking for a quarterback

Bobby Johnson is everywhere. We told you that on Friday, and in truly bad weather, the Vandy coach was reported to be visiting Jerrell Priester in South Carolina and Rajaan Bennett in Atlanta.

And now we see this report from the Opelika-Auburn News prep writer that Johnson was also in Alabama on Friday night. He must have a fast car.

Johnson was visiting Darren Daniel, the quarterback we told you about yesterday whose name has started to pop up in conversations about replacing Nash Nance.

Sure, Daniel has committed to Stanford. Which also has commitments from two four-star quarterbacks. Have fun playing safety in the Pac-10, Darren.

Or if you'd like to compete for a starting quarterback job in the SEC, like a certain Big-10 safety prospect did about eight years ago (hint: he plays QB for the Bears and wears No. 6), then why don't you consider Vanderbilt?

I've really been impressed by Johnson and our entire coaching staff on the recruiting trail.


Clark said...

Fitz Lassing for VU 2010 punter?

Russ said...



Thanks, guys. Yes, Fitz is a Commodore and a lot of people are pretty excited about it.