Monday, February 15, 2010

You liked Trey Wilson and Brady Brown last season, and now Jonathan Krause, Chris Boyd and Rajaan Bennett

Our Moral Victory! poll last season was pretty accurate at predicting which recruits would play as true freshmen. You thought Zac Stacy would play, but like most experts you favored Wesley Tate, who redshirted, over eventual Freshman All-American Warren Norman. Also, you pegged Trey Wilson and Eric Samuels as players, but you favored Javon Marshall over Eddie Foster, whom everybody thought was too light.

Here's a stroll down memory lane, with the results:

1. DB Trey Wilson (52%) PLAYED
2. WR Brady Brown (46%) PLAYED
3. RB Wesley Tate (45%) REDSHIRT
4. RB Zac Stacy (43%) PART-TIME STARTER
5. DB Eric Samuels (42%) PLAYED
6. RB Warren Norman (19%) SEC FRESHMAN OF YEAR
7. DB Javon Marshall (16%) REDSHIRT
8. TE Mason Johnson (12%) REDSHIRT
9. DB Eddie Foster (10%) PART-TIME STARTER
10. WR Collin Ashley (late signee) PLAYED

The remaining eight players received less than 10 percent of the vote, and all of them redshirted:
• DE Thad McHaney
• DE Walker May
• QB Charlie Goro
• OL Justin Cabbagestalk
• OL Mylon Brown
• OL Wesley Johnson
• DB Jay Fullam
• LB Blake Southerland

Now here's an early look at which freshmen you think will play right away:
1. WR Jonathan Krause (64%)
2. RB Rajaan Bennett (39%)
3. WR Chris Boyd (35%)
4. DB Kenny Ladler (32%)
5. WR Jordan Matthews (28%)
5. DB Andre Hal (28%)
5. DT Vince Taylor (28%)
5. K/P Carey Spear (28%)
9. DT Kyle Woestmann (28%)
10. LB Chase Garnham (17%)
10. OL Grant Ramsay (17%)

These guys are getting more than 10 percent of the vote:
• WR Trent Pruitt (14%)
• DB Andre Simmons (14%)
• DT Jared Morse (14%)
• DL James Kittredge (10%)
• TE/LB Fitz Lassing (10%)

And these guys got less than 10 percent:
• OL Andrew Bridges
• OL Logan Stewart
• OL Chase White
• DB Steven Clarke
• DB Karl Butler
• DE Thomas Ryan
• TE Blake Gowder

We think there's no way Garnham plays as a true freshman, and we think receiver Pruitt and guard Ramsay have a much better shot.


Scott Reed said...

Just heard about Bennett. Sad sad news coming out of the Atlanta area.

Unknown said...

Absolutely horrific, sad news.