Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Now's the time to show Ted Cain some love

By and large, Vandy fans have been praising this year's class of Commodores. But I've seen quite a few posts from Vandy people complaining about how much better this class would have been if:

• Those six recruits who jumped ship had stayed aboard.
• We'd have won eight games last season instead of two.
• We'd fired Ted Cain at the end of the season.

That last one is my personal favorite. Say what you want about his play calling, but Vandy's built such a solid class this year BECAUSE Ted Cain is on the coaching staff, not in spite of him.

The guy is a beast on the recruiting trail, especially in Atlanta.

We just signed 11 guys who were consensus three-star recruits, meaning they got three stars from all the major services. Five of those guys (Rajaan Bennett, Blake Gowder, Jonathan Krause, Grant Ramsay and Kyle Woestmann) were recruited by Ted Cain.

We signed nine guys from the state of Georgia, but eight of them from the Atlanta area (Bennett, Gowder, Krause, Woestmann, Ramsay, Andrew Bridges, Kenneth Ladler and Chris Boyd).

Ted Cain signed seven of the eight Atlanta kids — all of them but Ladler.

And in all, Cain helped land nine of our 24 recruits.

OK, I'm not always happy with the play-calling. But don't dare blame him for recruiting. We should be praising Ted Cain right now.


Unknown said...

I aree Cain should get a lot of well deserved credit for this outstanding recruiting class. However, he should not escape scrutiny for the pathetic performance of the Vandy offense. I think he is an invaluable member of the staff, but maybe they need to find a position for him other than offensive coordinator.


Fair enough. I have certainly questioned Ted Cain and what the Vandy offense has done or not done over the past two seasons; it just keeps getting worse every year. I just wanted to make sure we at least acknowledged that he's played a big part in landing our best recruiting class ever. Bobby Johnson's got to do something about the offense and about his offensive coordinator but the time to do it was definitely after these 24 kids put pen to paper. Now we'll wait and see if anything happens.