Monday, February 1, 2010

Sharrod Golightly trying to decide whether Vanderbilt or South Carolina is the better academic institution

With two days until signing day and an impressive Vandy class of 25 recruits, all efforts have turned to keeping who we've got.

Of the 25, Sharrod Golightly seems to be the most likely to jump ship at the last minute.

The safety visited South Carolina over the weekend and says today he'll officially decide between the Commodores and the Gamecocks. He told Columbia's The State newspaper that he'll make his decision based on "academics" and "the opportunity to play."

Um, Sharrod, what's there to decide?

It seems he was impressed when South Carolina coaches mentioned the school is listed on the SEC academic honor roll. That's like Vandy coaches telling this year's Alabama recruits they should be impressed because we have a Music City Bowl championship.

As for the opportunity to play, we've got a safety position up for grabs. Sophomores Al Owens and Micah Powell, redshirt freshmen Jay Fullam and Javon Marshall, and true freshmen Andre Simmons and Kenneth Ladler all have a shot. And Golightly, if he can somehow turn down the opportunity to live in the Palmetto State and attend an SEC academic honor roll school.

Could we lose anybody else? Auburn fans are murmuring about an offer to Jared Morse, and Kentucky fans think they've got a great chance to steal Jerrell Priester. Both have been on and off soft verbal commitments, so neither one is outside the realm of possibility.

As far as additions to this class, I don't have anything solid. I imagine we might be taking a shot at Texas QB Tyler Arndt, who's yet to commit to anybody. Massive Missouri lineman Joe Burgess supposedly has offers from us and Nebraska.

If we want to sign a true punter, Pablo Beltran of Texas is still on the market. If we want to sign a tight end, three-star Quinton Alton of Memphis is still looking for a good offer, too.

We'll see.

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