Monday, February 1, 2010

Darren Daniel: The name of another quarterback for Vandy fans to ponder

Led by Bobby Johnson, the Vandy coaching staff is finishing strong with recruiting. Think about it: We've unloaded a whiny quarterback with a meddling father, reeled in a stud running back, and managed to keep Ga Tech from stealing a kid who could be starting at receiver for us in seven months.

All while trying to convince another kid that we're a better academic school than South Carolina.

And maybe trying to steal a quarterback.

We've thrown out the name of Tyler Arndt but I've got no idea where he stands; Scout says he's high on Missouri and Houston and medium on Vandy and about 10 other schools.

Now some chat-room jockeys are saying we're making a play on an Alabama quarterback committed to Stanford.

That would be Darren Daniel (6-3, 185) of Phenix City. He's listed as an athlete. But think about all the talent we've got at running back and listen to this ESPN scouting report on Daniel and then tell me what you think:

"Very impressive looking on the hoof with his great height and long, well-built body. Projects best as a dual-threat quarterback with his great mobility and would likely need to play in a spread zone-read or option type of offense to remain under center...

"A better passer on the move outside of the pocket. Great job feeling and eluding the pressure; can improvise with his great feet and athleticism. Consistently creates a big gainer out of a broken play. Buys time for his receivers to get open...

"Overall, Daniel needs to become more consistent but has enough ability to remain at quarterback in the right spread offense if a team is patient with his development. Could get recruited to play receiver, safety or even outside linebacker; really has a good blend of size, speed, athleticism and ball skills to develop."

Could you see Daniel in two or three years running the triple option with the likes of Warren Norman, Zac Stacy, Rajaan Bennett, Wesley Tate and Jerrell Priester? All those guys would still be in school! Or bring in Goro at quarterback and let Daniel shift wide to receiver.

All this fantasizing has me wondering what sort of offense, seriously, that Ted Cain and Bobby Johnson are talking about running next season.

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