Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chris Nickson faces domestic violence charges

A Nashville TV station is reporting that former Vandy quarterback Chris Nickson was arrested on New Year's Eve after he held his girlfriend against her will for seven hours and then beat her up when she tried to escape.

Interesting that the Tennessean hasn't reported it yet. Surely they know about it. But the station, WKRN Channel 2, also linked to Nickson's player profile as a junior and reported that he started for Vandy his junior year and then was a part-time starter his senior year.

Actually, they're off a year. Nickson had a spectacular sophomore year, including an upset of Georgia in Athens, as a full-time starter, then was a part-time starter his junior year.

But WKRN wipes out all memories of Nickson's senior year, when he led the Dores to a stunning 5-0 start, came up huge in the win in Lexington that made Vandy bowl-eligible, and then while injured split time with Larry Smith in the Music City Bowl victory.

Yeah, they wipe out all memories of the Music City Bowl. Morons.

And Chris was a moron too if he did what his girlfriend says he did.

But if a station is going to get excited about the fact that he's a former Vandy quarterback — he's a thug just like the kids from UT, get it? — then the least they can do is get the facts right. Sure, he struggled and he had his problems, but Chris did something even Jay Cutler couldn't do. After a hot start and then a long losing streak, he stepped up and led us to victory against the Wildcats. It was a huge victory for the Vanderbilt program, and it was probably the best game of Chris' career.

I'll always remember him for that. Now it appears he's back in a slump and is in some trouble. People on chat boards are throwing around that word "heartbreaking" again.

Tomorrow, Bobby Johnson is speaking at Rajaan Bennett's memorial service. Now that's heartbreaking.

Chris Nickson is alive, and so is his girlfriend. Maybe he does time, maybe he'll find himself in an even deeper hole. But Chris Nickson has been down before and feeling the burden of being written off by thousands of fans. And he got back up and he played the game of his life.

This game's not over. Hang in there, Chris. You can do it.

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