Saturday, September 20, 2008


• Stone throws a Rebel for a loss. 2nd & 12.
• Incomplete pass. 3rd & 12. This is a huge play right here. 4:26 to play.
• Sweet! The Rebels burn up a timeout because the play clock runs down. That sums up this game: We're in the lead and we're leaving too much time on the play clock when we snap the ball and they're losing and they're running down the clock.
• 3rd & 12 on the 11. Snead throws to McCluster on the UM 33. McCluster's a great athlete, the featured guy in their Wild Rebel formation; Darren McFadden was the inspiration behind Nutt's Wild Hawg.
• Benoit, bad hand and all, drills a Rebel. 2nd & 5 on the UM38. 3:35 to play.
• Snead from the gun. On the move. Busted coverage and McCluster snags it and flies down to the VU7. We're in trouble.

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