Tuesday, September 30, 2008


And that's a good thing. Could Saban win at Vanderbilt? Not like he's doing right now at Bama.

But like good coaches, both Bobby Johnson and Nick Saban are downplaying the success of their teams. They just have different ways of doing it.

Yesterday, Saban stared down reporters, acted like he had no idea he coached the No. 2 team in the nation, and declared that nobody remembered who was ranked No. 1 this time last year. (Actually, it was LSU.)

Like Steve Martin, the man he resembles, Bobby Johnson has a sense of humor. When asked yesterday in his weekly press conference about Vanderbilt's No. 19 ranking and undefeated record, Johnson said, "Well, I do realize it's better than 0-4."

Then he said, "I'm very pleased with what we're doing, I just want to do more of it."

Amen, brother.

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