Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ole Miss comes out of the locker room and goes trucking down the field, converting three straight third-and-longs. Man, their tailbacks are talented.

First and goal at the VU9.

• We stop Bolden for no gain running out of the Wild Rebel formation. Tackled by Marve. Second and goal on the 9.
• Snead throws to Wallace at the VU1. Did I mention Mike Wallace is killing us? Third and goal at the VU1.
• Marve tackles Bolden 6 inches from the goal line. Fourth and goal at the one-half line.

• GOAL LINE STAND, BABY! Theron Khadri and Ryan Hamilton keep a diving Cordera Eason out of the end zone.

But now we're deep in our own end zone.

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