Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Use it or lose it: Foghorn malfunctions during Northwestern game

Forgot to mention the biggest highlight from Saturday's Vanderbilt-Northwestern game.

Late in the first half, after Vanderbilt had punted six straight times, Warren Norman scored a touchdown and the crowd went crazy. And per Vanderbilt tradition, the foghorn sounded.

Remember that the foghorn didn't get much use last season. So when it was finally activated on Saturday, it ran and ran and ran.

After several minutes, it was still going, but in that skipping electronic way that let the crowd know it had gone haywire.

Finally, after nearly five minutes, somebody shut down the foghorn. Apparently all that noise rattled kicker Ryan Fowler, who botched the extra point.

Vandy would score 15 more points in the game, but without the foghorn. No word on whether it will be ready for Saturday's game with LSU.

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