Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Vanderbilt depth chart reflects minor changes

Here’s how this week’s depth chart compares to the opening week depth chart:

Still starting: R-SO John Cole and R-JR Udom Umoh
New starters: FR Jonathan Krause (replacing R-SR Turner Wimberly)
Still backups: FR Jordan Matthews
New backups: Wimberly, R-JR Tray Herndon (replacing R-SO Akeem Dunham)

Still starting: R-JR Larry Smith
Still backup: R-SR Jared Funk

Still starting: SO Warren Norman or SO Zac Stacy
Still backups: R-SR Kennard Reeves and R-FR Wesley Tate

Still starting: R-JR Brandon Barden
Still backup: R-FR Mason Johnston (will start if Barden not recovered from injury)

Still starting: R-SR Joey Bailey
Still backup: FR James Kittredge

Still starting: R-JR Kyle Fischer
New starter: R-SO Caleb Welchans (replacing R-SO Jabo Burrow)
Still backup: FR Logan Stewart
New backup: Burrow

Still starting: R-FR Wesley Johnson,
New starter: R-SO Ryan Seymour
Still backups: R-FR Mylon Brown
New backup: Welchans (replacing FR Chase White)

Still starting: R-JR T.J. Greenstone and R-SO Rob Lohr
Still backups: R-SO Josh Jelesky and R-SO Colt Nichter (will start if Greenstone not recovered from injury)

Still starting: SR Theron Kadri
New starter: R-JR Tim Fugger (replacing R-SR Teriall Brannon)
Still backup: R-SO Johnell Thomas
New backup: Brannon

Still starting: R-JR Chris Marve, SR John Stokes
New starter: R-SR Nate Campbell (replacing R-SO Archibald Barnes)
Still backup: FR Chase Garnham
New backups: Barnes and Campbell (replacing R-SO Dexter Daniels and R-SO DeAndre Jones)

Still starting: JR Casey Hayward and SO Eddie Foster
Still backup: SO Eric Samuels and SO Trey Wilson

Still starting: JR Sean Richardson and R-FR Jay Fullam
Still backup: FR Kenny Ladler (will continue to start if Fullam not recovered), FR Andre Simmons

Still starting: R-SO Ryan Fowler at field goal kicker, R-SO Richard Kent at punter and holder, R-JR David Giller at snapper, FR Carey Spear at kickoff specialist, SO Warren Norman at kick returner
New starter: SO Zac Stacy at punt returner (replacing R-SO John Cole)


Anonymous said...

I hope the team wins Saturday and against Uconn and then Eastern Michigan. Otherwise, the coaching staff will likely need to answer some questions regarding this most recent depth chart and its use of it's talent and play-calling. I hope that the play-calling improves this weekend.....my view is that some of the position coaches appear to be a little suspect in thier evaluation of talent on this roster. Is anyone else surprised at the depth chart at 1 or 2 positions or am I being too critical 2-4 games into the season and before conference play really heats up?


Which positions are you thinking about? I've been encouraged at the number of true freshmen who've already gotten a taste of action, albeit on special teams. If you burn a guy's redshirt in the first game by putting him on the kick return team or whatever then you're definitely going to try to work him in during the season. In the case of the receivers, I've been happy to see Krause starting. I think Jordan Matthews' tendinitis has slowed him down a bit, and scouts have said all along that Chris Boyd may need some time to grow into his body.

Bill Colvin VU'73 said...

Interesting on the DE position, it seemed Walker May got lots of snaps against Ole Miss. And he's not on the depth chart.

Dimon said...

Yes, the Dores are awfully deep at DE, playing 5 of them - Fugger, Kadri, Brannon, Thomas and May - against Ole Miss. And blue chippers Thad McHaney and Kyle Woestmann are sitting the bench.

Anonymous said...

I think that the depth chart bodes much better for next season as our younger players get more experience playing in the SEC. I still have concerns that we are counting on Larry Smith to "not make mistakes" rather than "make the required reads / throws" for us to win. Seems like Mathews should be starting so that we have some size and speed in the starting lineup. Whatever happened to Brady Brown this season ? I thought that he might be a factor in the rotation this season with his size but I have not seen him on the field yet; same with Chris Boyd. I love the depth on the defensive side of the ball.