Saturday, September 11, 2010

Names and numbers from Vandy's 27-3 loss to LSU

Some key numbers from Vandy's 27-3 loss tonight:

Eight: Vanderbilt first downs in the game; that’s two first downs per quarter
135: Yards of total offense
135: Yards gained rushing, but that number drops to 65 when you subtract our 70 yards of losses.
Seven: Number of Vanderbilt penalties, for 52 yards; LSU had three penalties for 15 yards
2 of 13: Third down conversions
Six: Times Larry Smith was sacked

These guys played in the first game of their careers:
• Taylor Loftley, DT, R-So
• Jared Morse, DT, Fr
• Walker May, DE, R-Fr

These guys saw their first action of the season:
• Jared Funk, QB, R-Sr
• Tray Herndon, WR, R-Jr
• Akeem Dunham, WR, R-So
• Ryan Seymour, OT, R-So
• Nate Campbell, LB, R-Sr (starter)
• Micah Powell, LB/RB, R-So

These guys played last week but not this week:
• Kennard Reeves, RB, R-Sr
• Mylon Brown, OL, R-Fr

That's all for now. We weren't surprised about tonight's outcome and are still optimistic. It'll be interesting to see how long Caldwell will go with Smith at quarterback. I think he should get one more complete game before it's time to seriously consider other options.

Have a good rest-of-the-weekend. Remember, it's not the end of the world. We've got time to have a good season. And Tennessee is getting murdered right now.


Anonymous said...

The worse part of the loss was that we appeared to be out-coached as well. I like BC, but when fans started booing in the 2nd half, I felt that much of it was out of frustration at very poor offensive play-calling. The offensive line play was bad; but I am puzzled at the lack of strong wr play as well. After a 2-10 season we should be evaluating all offensive positions. Krause is the real deal but not nearly involved enough in the game-plan; the coaches are burning Mathews red-shirt on special teams play ????... and not trying to get him the ball; I dont think that Chris Boyd has even played yet. Not sure in a season which had some promise, why the coaching game-plan would seem this bad. I am very prouud of the way the defense played keeping us in the game at 10-3; I for one have not given up on Larry smith yet (mainly because of awful line play), but the coaching staff certainly let the fans down. I for one thought that the offensive game plan was awful and vandy fans and administration should start to expect to win and stop making excuses for bad coaching decisions. Why would a recruit want to play here after watching that? Go Dores....Sorry for the long post...but I had a lot of time to think about the loss driving home from the game.


Good points, and I feel your pain. But when the offensive line breaks down like we knew it would against a ferocious front line, it makes everybody look bad.

Yes, we should have thrown the ball to Krause... except he was being covered by the top lockdown corner in the nation. Matthews will be worked into the offense, that's why his redshirt has been burned.

We've never matched up well with LSU. Remember that Jay Cutler held his own against every team his senior year except LSU because the offensive line was getting killed by the bigger LSU D-line.

I'm glad we didn't do crazy things we weren't prepared to do and we didn't throw all our young players to the wolves. This, along with the Florida game, was a game we had no business winning. This kind of game can turn into a body bag game where you lose half your team to injury and you're completely demoralized. We're relatively healthy, we've got some things to build on, and I'm confident that Caldwell will be working more and more young talent into the lineup.

Anonymous said...

Here is my two cents;

This group of coaches have now by my count burned eleven redshirts from this freshmen class. If your going to do that.... play'em on more than special teams! Based on the preformance of both the O and D lines in the 4th qtr we where "spend" the playing rotation needs to be increased and used in the first 2 qtrs. Late 3rd and 4th qtrs was to late and it got ugly because of fatique. I also saw a few cowards on the o-line that I would not want anywhere near my foxhole! Coach Herb you listening?