Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vandy gets most lopsided SEC victory since Ole Miss in 2007

Vandy's 28-14 win over Ole Miss on Saturday was its most-lopsided SEC victory since its 31-17 victory over Ed Orgeron's Ole Miss team in Nashville in 2007. In fact, Vandy has only four double-digit SEC victories in the past seven years — the two wins over Ole Miss, the 17-6 win at South Carolina in 2007 and the 31-13 victory over Mississippi State in Nashville in 2004.

Such things don't happen often. But this team wouldn't know much about Vandy's history. A whopping 67 percent of the players on the field for the Commodores on Saturday (37 of 55) did not play on the 2008 Music City Bowl team, which won four league games, but all in cardiac fashion. And more than a third of the Commodores who saw the field Saturday were in high school in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Really good post. That confirms my feeling that these players come to Vandy to get a great education and compete in SEC football. They are all strong academically and come from very good High School football programs. Most also had multiple offers to play at other schools which confirms the talent level. Finally, most of these guys picked Vandy to help turn the program around and don't care about any history of losing streaks. Congrats to the team and coaching staff on yesterdays win....let's hope that the coaching staff will continue making strides. Go Dores !