Friday, September 24, 2010

The last time Vanderbilt had a bye week

It's been much publicized that Vandy had no bye week last year. So how did we do in 2008 after a bye week?

Glad you asked. Well, we entered the bye week after beating Ole Miss in Oxford in a game in which we forced a highly touted transfer quarterback into some critical errors, returned an interception for a touchdown, stuffed the Rebels on fourth and short, and sealed the game with a fumble recovery.

Sound familiar? (The highly touted transfer quarterback, if you've forgotten him already, was Jevan Snead.)

Anyway, after the bye week, in their fourth game of the season, the Commodores beat Auburn, as I'm sure you do remember.


Anonymous said...

At the moment, it appears that the most or one of the most potent weapons UCONN has is this Jordan Todman. Who has an opinion on how he rates with the SEC runners that Vanderbilt has come up against. Is he a Derrick Lock or a Ridley or what?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of UConn, whatever happened to Terrence Jeffers?


Terance Jeffers or Terance Jeffers-Harris or "the player formerly known as the savior of the Vanderbilt receiving corps" now plays for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League. His Wiki page says he used to play for UConn and Vanderbilt. Wish that last part were true.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see or hear about the last sampling of UCONN football (today)?
VS Buffalo??

Anonymous said...

Yes, on ESPN3 in between the UAB/Tennessee game. Buffalo was able to hang with UConn through most of the 3rd quarter (it was 24-21 UConn), then they wore out. Buffalo's QB really hurt them with 4 INTs, 2 for TDs.

Jordan Todman didn't play due to an elbow injury from the Temple game. No word on whether he'd be back next week.

Also, UConn has a bit of a QB controversy. They switched QBs at the half.

Anonymous said...

The money lines this morning/last night have UCONN a 7 to 10.5 point favorite over Vanderbilt with most of the lines holding at 7. You can expect these types of predictions since all are stat-driven, where you can be easily fooled due to conference membership and strength of schedule. One website two weeks ago predicted Vanderbilt a 12 point favorite over Ole Miss. I'm trying to locate that website now to see how they arrived at that prediction and if they have one for the UCONN game.

Anonymous said...

Bye weeks are a great time for the coaches to re-evaluate their Freshman players. Has anyone heard anything from the practice field this past week? Depth Chart moves,redshirts etc.