Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yesterday, Vanderbilt-Tennessee rivalry was intense — today: still intense

On Thursday, Kevin Stallings and Bruce Pearl answered questions about the intensity of the rivalry between their two teams, and the effect Pearl has had on it.

On Friday, we went to the Commodores official site, took some of those quotes and used them here — postulating, of course, that the rivalry has always been intense.

Once again proving that full-time sports journalism is a sweet profession, at least until your big newspaper chain decides it would rather stay in business, Mo Patton has a story in today's Tennessean about how the rivalry between Vanderbilt and Tennessee is as intense as ever.

Mo's story consists of:

• Part of the quote I ran here yesterday from Stallings about Pearl being flamboyant. (But we here at Moral Victory! were careful to include with our quote a photo of Coach Pearl with an admirer on a boat to show that Stallings meant heterosexually flamboyant.)

• A quote from former Dore and current broadcaster Barry Booker, who by the way is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, saying that the rivalry is indeed as intense as ever, in large part because of Pearl's orange jacket.

• A quote from VU guard Jermaine Beal talking about what a big game this is.

• A quote from VU guard George Drake talking about what a big game this is.

At least Mo had time to update his blog. Whoops. Just checked Mo's blog and the newest post is last week's piece about the Ole Miss game being televised.

By the way, today's VU-UT game is at 3 pm ET today in Knoxville, televised in random markets by Raycom.

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