Thursday, February 5, 2009

Members of Vanderbilt's clean plate club — a new recruit's job is to gain weight

Ah, a new group of recruits are headed to Nashville, which means Food Coach Magic Noori has his work cut out for him. Guys like Eddie Foster, Walker May and especially Wesley Johnson and Justin Cabbagestalk will be strapping on the feedbag.

After he gains 40 pounds and tops 300 pounds, maybe Cabbagestalk will change his name to Justin Oxenshank.

Anyway, here are some current Commodores who've packed on the pounds since they were recruited:

• 70 pounds: OT Thomas Welch, now 305, who was recruited as a tight end (that's him in the photo as a high school quarterback in 2004)

• 40 pounds: DT Greg Billinger, now 290, and C/OG Joey Bailey, now 280

• 38 pounds: DE Steven Stone, now 268

• 35 pounds: DE Theron Kadri, now 270; OT Reilly Lauer, now 275; and Brandon Stewart, now 230.

• 32 pounds: QB Mackenzi Adams, now 215

• 30 pounds: DE Tim Fugger, now 255

• 27 pounds: RB Jared Hawkins, now 202

Here are some guys who've actually lost weight since they arrived on campus: RB Ryan van Rensburg (10 pounds), LB Chris Marve (5 pounds), WR Justin Wheeler (2 pounds), and RB Jeff Jennings and S/LB Brent Trice (1 pound each).

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