Monday, February 23, 2009

We're a national powerhouse... in women's bowling

Sure, I've been advising caution for Vanderbilt fans excited about the 2009 football season. And the basketball team appears headed to the NIT. And the baseball team is uncharacteristically unranked.

So can we gloat about anything?

Yes. Women's bowling.

Vanderbilt's women bowlers, the 2007 national champions and this year's favorite to win again, just finished a tournament in Indianapolis in which they finished third out of 27 club teams. They spanked Lindenwood to make the semi-finals and then faced Central Florida.

In the first round of the best-of-five contest, UCF got hot and rolled a 253 to win, then won 182-174. But then Vanderbilt won 176-173.

The fourth game went down to the 10th frame, but UCF prevailed 177-176. UCF went on to face powerhouse Pikeville in the championship match.

But these were club teams, not NCAA teams like Vanderbilt, so the statistics won't count. Thank heavens.

Anyway, just thought I'd give you a little bowling action on a Monday morning to get the blood flowing.

You're welcome.

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