Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad news for Vanderbilt: D.J. Moore slows down, Ted Cain's still calling plays, hoopsters might sneak into NIT

Yesterday was a blah day for Commodore fans.

For starters, D.J. Moore had a bad workout at the NFL combine and may have dropped out of the first round.

Then Bobby Johnson announced some "promotions" on the football coaching staff. Nope, none of them involve the offense. Bruce Fowler moves from defensive coordinator to assistant head coach in charge of the defense. Jamie Bryant, the secondary coach, moves from special teams coordinator to defensive coordinator. And defensive line coach Rick Logo and running backs coach Des Kitchings become special teams co-coordinators. Nice to see only minor adjustments to the defense. Maybe Johnson's now turning his thoughts to whether Ted Cain should still call the plays on offense. Doubt it.

Oh yeah, and then the basketball team goes down to Athens and loses to the Bulldogs, which previously had a single conference win on the season. So if Vanderbilt loses out the rest of the season, which is not beyond the realm of possibility, it'll be 16-15 on the season with a probable NIT bid.

Who would have thought the football team would have finished with a higher winning percentage than the basketball team?

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