Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trey Wilson: The people's choice to play next season

Over at, Chris Low lists 20 SEC recruits he thinks will see action as true freshman next season.

From Vanderbilt? Running back Zac Stacy.

Maybe so, but fellow freshmen Wesley Tate and Warren Norman were also highly regarded running backs. With starter Jared Hawkins and reserves Kennard Reeves and Gaston Miller returning, expect just one of the freshmen — and maybe not Stacy — to be eased into the playing rotation. But he did have some sick numbers in high school (over 2,000 yards and 35 touchdowns).

I guarantee you at least one defensive back will see playing time early. With two starters (D.J. Moore and Reshard Langford) and two key reserves (Jared Fagan and Josh Allen) gone, you can probably expect to see two or three of them hit the field. Last season, with every starter and substitute returning in the secondary, Coach Bobby Johnson still put two true freshmen, Casey Hayward and Sean Richardson on the field.

So far, 39 people have responded to our poll about which freshmen will play next season.

The clear winner? Trey Wilson, the cornerback from Louisiana, who gets 69 percent of the vote. Eric Samuels, the athlete from Florida who's listed by the Commodores as a cornerback, gets 48 percent of the vote. You can count on both of those guys seeing the field this season.

As far as other defensive backs go, the light but speedy corner Eddie Foster got 15 percent of the votes, hard-hitting safety Javon Marshall 10 percent, and Jay Fullam, the safety from Chattanooga, 2 percent.

You guys were split on the running backs, liking both Stacy and Tate. Tate has a slight lead at 58 percent, followed by Stacy at 56 percent. The third runner, Norman, gets 17 percent.

Tall receiver Brady Brown, another popular choice to play early, hauls in 46 percent of the votes.

The only other guy to move the needle is defensive end Thad McHaney, with 12 percent. Tight end Mason Johnston, with only 7 percent, may have a shot at playing time this season.

Receiving one vote apiece are three guys who'll almost surely be redshirted: tackle Mylon Brown, quarterback Charlie Goro and linebacker Blake Southerland.

Justin Cabbagestalk, Wesley Johnson and Walker May failed to receive a vote, because they need to put on some serious weight before seeing SEC play.

But we're not done with voting yet. Cast your vote if you haven't yet.

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