Friday, February 27, 2009

Least irritating doesn't mean the best, but it doesn't mean the worst either

Obviously, Mark Bradley's list of most irritating coaches is just one of the many tricks sports writers employ to fill up space in February. And I agree with him that Bobby Johnson is one of the least irritating coaches. Which of course does not say anything about his performance on the field. In fact, guys are pretty much more irritating when they win and less irritating when they lose, which is why Steve Spurrier's pain in the butt stock has dropped so much since he moved to Columbia, and why Lane Kiffin will probably not stay at the top of the list.

But I still think Bobby Johnson is an excellent coach. He was pretty easy to like when he was 5-0 last year — in fact, he was the darling of college football — and I suspect he'll be pretty easy to like even if his Commodores go on another winning streak. Or even if he'd beaten Miss State and Duke last season and gotten a job offer from Clemson and gone there to coach.

At least he bears a passing resemblance to Steve Martin.

But it's late February and we're just taking up space until something real happens.

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