Monday, October 10, 2011

Vanderbilt's James Franklin calls 12 recruits after loss to Alabama

So you're a hotshot high school football player considering Vanderbilt, and you watch the Commodores lose 34-0 to Alabama. You have questions. You have concerns. About an hour after the game, you're kicking back, chilling. Your phone rings.

It's Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin. He's on the bus back to Nashville. He wants to know what you thought of the game. He also wants to tell you how you would improve his roster and make the kind of impact he needs to do something really special at Vanderbilt, which by the way is located in the best city and has by far the best academics in the SEC, which of course is the best conference in college football.

During today's press conference, Franklin said he talked to 12 recruits during Saturday night's three-hour bus trip. That's one recruit every 15 minutes.

And further evidence that nobody's going to outwork, outplan, outthink or — yes — outtalk James Franklin.

I hope he was talking to a quarterback — hey, let's steal Chad Voytik from Pitt or Patton Robinette from North Carolina! — and also a couple of wide receivers and a bunch of offensive linemen.

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Anonymous said...

To my satisfaction, Franklin definitely has attitude..... among other qualities such as leadership. He's competitive, and you can read it in his body language out on the field. The first issue with building anything, a corporation, a team or a any kind or workforce is recruiting.