Sunday, October 2, 2011

ESPN boots Vandy-Bama to the U — I don't blame them

ESPN was waiting to see the results of Saturday’s games before announcing its prime time lineup for Oct. 8.

It was going to match its three 6 p.m. CST games – on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU – with the following offerings:

• Auburn at Arkansas
• Georgia at Tennessee
• Vanderbilt at Alabama

Well, the results are in. Auburn upset South Carolina and Arkansas outgunned Texas A&M, so those teams get the top slot on ESPN.

Georgia whipped Mississippi State and Tennessee took care of Buffalo as expected. That should be a good matchup.

Meanwhile, Alabama got behind Florida early in a hostile environment but quickly recovered to systematically destroy the Gators.

Um, which game would you rather watch if you weren’t rooting for Bama or Vandy?

Right. Georgia-Tennessee is on ESPN2, while Bama-Vandy plays on the U.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Vandy kids, especially our young offensive linemen, respond to playing one of the best football teams in America in one of the most hostile – and exciting – sports venues around. For all those folks who want to see Jordan Rodgers play more than one series or to see Josh Grady burn his redshirt, well, this could be just the moment you've dreamed of.

It’ll be character-building to say the least.

Probably not terribly interesting for the rest of America, but pretty darn interesting to us Vandy fans. Right?

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