Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nothing we haven't seen before, huh?

Even if Spear hits that kick, I find it hard to believe we'd have won in overtime. We had to score a touchdown down there, and I'm disappointed that Rodgers just chunked the ball out of bounds on third down.

This is a bitter pill to swallow, and hearkens back the ghosts of so many games past. I don't blame anybody for saying "Same old Vanderbilt" after this one. We took control of the game and then we gave it away.

Oh yeah, we hadn't beaten a Top 10 team in our stadium since the 1930s.

Right now, I'm having flashbacks to our missed kick to tie the LSU game in the late 1990s. I'm also having flashbacks to Warren Norman's goal-line fumble against Army two years ago.

Can you believe that the Arkansas offense scored only two touchdowns in the game, and none in the second half?

But can you believe that the difference in the game was a goal-line fumble by Zac Stacy that in 10 seconds led to a 15-point turnaround?

I think it's great that our field goal kicker makes tackles on kickoffs. It would also be nice if he could hit chip-shot field goals.

This team's learning how to find ways to win. We've also got to stop finding ways to lose.

Peace out.


even more anonymous said...

Before the season started, this was one of three games everyone predicted we wouldn't have a chance to be competitive in. But we were competitive, in fact we should have won it, despite the fact that we never really got the running game going against a defense that was supposed to be easy to run on. I still think it's possible to run the table from here on out.

Another L-M VU Alum said...

Bitter loss for me.....more than Georgia. No room for error and it happened. However, I'll sleep easy knowing that Rodgers is the quarterback.....but it seemed that some of the aggressivness on Vanderbilt's part during the 4th quarter was not there, and it needed to be since Arkansas was turning up the heat.

Another L-M VU Alum said...

Also...............These guys can still go 4/4 in the SEC and do just as well or better than the '08team. I'm looking ahead. One game at a time.


I agree, Loudmouth. If we can finish with three or four wins in the second-half of the season, that would be a huge improvement.

The 2008 team didn't get better throughout the season. They started hot, caught some teams that had quarterback problems off-guard and then limped across the finish line.

Like Franklin says, this team is getting better every week.