Monday, October 3, 2011

Vandy freshman Mitchell Hester may play against Bama

Here are some observations from the new depth chart and game notes, released today:

• Freshman Mitchell Hester, who is yet to play this season, is listed at second-team punt returner.

• Junior Warren Norman, who’s been injured and has yet to play this season, is still listed along with freshman Jerron Seymour as the backup to Zac Stacy.

• Sophomore Logan Stewart, who’s returning from injury, is now listed as a co-starter at left guard along with redshirt freshman Chase White, who’s started the last two games there. It’s Stewart’s first appearance on the depth chart this season.
• Jordan Matthews and Chris Boyd are still listed as co-starters at X-receiver.
• Johnell Thomas is still listed as a starter at defensive end, despite seeing Walker May, who’s listed on second team, start in his place against South Carolina.
• Brandon Barden and Austin Monahan are still listed as co-starters at tight end. Barden missed the last two games with injury.
• Sophomore Andre Hal is now listed as a co-starter to Eric Samuels at kickoff returner.
• Kenny Ladler and Javon Marshall are still listed as co-starters at free safety.

• Walk-on junior Jameson Sackey is listed on the depth chart for the first time in his career, at wide receiver, in place of redshirt junior Akeem Dunham.
• With the season-ending injury to starting outside linebacker Tristan Strong, redshirt junior Archibald Barnes is now the starter, and redshirt junior Al Owens is listed as the backup at both outside slots.
• Sophomore safety Andre Simmons has dropped off the depth chart for the first time this season.


• QB Larry Smith, RSr
• RB Zac Stacy, Jr
• C Wesley Johnson, RSo
• OG Mylon Brown, RSo
• OT Kyle Fischer, RSr
• OT Ryan Seymour, RJr

• DT Rob Lohr, RJr
• DT Colt Nichter, RJr
• DE Tim Fugger, RSr
• LB Chris Marve, RSr
• LB Chase Garnham, So
• LB Tristan Strong, RJr (season-ending injury against South Carolina)
• CB Casey Hayward, Sr
• CB Trey Wilson, Jr
• SS Sean Richardson, Sr


Jayden said...

Hester is an exciting player to watch. Maybe an inch or 2 taller than Seymour, but probably 10 pounds lighter, and a completely different running style. His ability to stick his foot in the ground and change direction on a dime will create a lot of completely missed tackles. He's a headache on scout team for our starting D, and CJF was probably hoping to redshirt him this year, but the depth at PR is forcing his hand. Don't be surprised if once he burns his shirt, he works his way into some carries at RB as well.

Dimon said...

Thanks for the report, Jayden. Yeah, I bet he'll get some totes in the backfield.

Anonymous said...

So does that close the door on Dunham returning for a 5th year? Losing your starting spot might be a motivator. Losing your backup spot (at a notoriously weak position) to a walk-on? Dang.

jayden said...

Dunham might have been listed as a backup, but he wasnt getting any reps in game situations. Now that hes temporarily hobbled with an injury, it all but assures he wont be back.


For the past year or so, Dunham's been on my list of players who'll probably leave after this season. To return, he had to do more than just be second team and like Jayden said, he wasn't making much of a contribution. Now walk-on Jameson Sackey has taken his place on the depth chart.