Wednesday, February 2, 2011

VANDERBILT RECRUITING UPDATE: Commodores appear done for the day, and Larry Mazyck isn't on board

UPDATE: 2:45 PM: Well, look whose name just popped up on our official signing list again. Yep, Joe Townsend. And look whose name is nowhere to be seen? Yep, Larry Mazyck. On Rivals, Mazyck is now listed as being uncommitted, but only having interest in Vanderbilt. That leads me to believe that he's having problems getting admitted to school.

And it looks like this class is done. Wow, 21 players. Here's what we've got:


Verbal commitments as of last night:
1. Jake Bernstein, OL
2. James Lewis, OL
3. Jose Valedon, OL
4. Jimmy Stewart, DE
5. Larry Franklin, DB
6. Steven Scheu, TE
7. Spencer Pulley, OL
8. Barron Dixon, DL
9. Kris Kentera, QB
10. Derek King, DB
11. Conor Hart, DL
12. Andrew Williamson, DB
13. Jacquese Kirk, WR/DB
14. Mitchell Hester, RB
15. Jahmel McIntosh, DB
16. Dillon van der Wal, TE/DE

Previously undecided players:
17. Josh Grady, QB
18. Jerron Seymour, RB
19. Damien Bryant, ATH

Players who changed their commitments today:
20. Lafonte Thourogood, QB (from Virginia Tech)
21. Joe Townsend, OL/DL (from MTSU)


UPDATE: 1:50 CST: Dillon van der Wal has finally signed his letter of intent. Man, those West Coast kids need to wake up at dawn and go ahead and commit. This means we've got TWO four-star recruits, van der Wal and Lafonte Thorougood. An unbelievable class, considering the late start Franklin had, and will be even better if Larry Mazyck comes through. Larry, by the way, lives on the East Coast, in the eastern time zone.

UPDATE: 1:30 CST: The Commodores just signed Darien Bryant, a 6-4, 210-pound athlete who decommitted from Nebraska late last year. He's three-stars but kind of a tweener like Archibald Barnes was three years ago. Except that Bryant's got three stars from rivals and scout. He's projected either at tight end or on defense, and will probably redshirt.

UPDATE: 11:45 CST: Joe Townsend's name has vanished from Vandy's official list of signees. There's been some speculation that perhaps he's a grayshirt, which means he'll pay his way for his first semester and then join the team in 2012, when his scholarship will count against the total.


'Bilt said...

Mysteriously, Townsend just was removed from the Vandy site and the tweets were deleted. Very interesting indeed...

The Goche said...

If Townsend is grayshirting, I hope it means Larry Mazyck is still good to go.

I was wondering if Mazyck's not signing yet might be weather related, as there was some speculation stuff like that might happen, but it's 65 and sunny in Fork Union, VA.

'Bilt said...

30 and crappy in CT. Just got Darien Bryant..... crazy!

The Goche said...

Hope Bryant isn't a replacement for Van Der Wal.

I'd really feel much better to get the paper in on Mazyck and Van Der Wal.

The fact that we're already at or above what we thought was the number of available scholarships scares me.

Alex said...

Just signed Van der Wal! Two four star commits in a week, Franklin wasn't kidding about coming to play.

The Goche (A.J.) said...

Townsend is back on the signee list at the VU website as of 1:45 CT.

The Goche (A.J.) said...

Coach Hand on Twitter:

"21 2011's locked and on to 2012!!"

Sounds bad for Mazyck.