Wednesday, February 2, 2011

James Franklin puts together stellar class — now starts building a better one for 2012

Just finished listening to Coach Franklin’s signing day press conference, especially his comments on each individual player.

When asked who was going to redshirt, he said, “I don’t believe in the redshirt deal; redshirting is a defeatest mentality.” He said he wanted his recruits to arrive on campus ready to play and to make an impact right away.

I’ve heard Bobby Johnson conduct a bunch of these signing day press conferences, and you got the feeling he wanted to redshirt everybody and bring them along slowly, so he wouldn’t damage a kid’s psyche by playing him too soon and so he could reward the older guys who paid their dues.

Today Franklin said he wanted to create “one of the most competitive environments in the country.”

“If you don’t want to be a competitor, this isn’t the place for you,” he said. “If you’re afraid of competition, don’t come to Vanderbilt. I tell these guys, next year I’m gonna recruit somebody to beat them out.”

I love it. Johnson treated a good recruit like he was never going to get another one and he had to keep him on campus for five years. Franklin believes he can get more kids where these came from, and better ones too.

That doesn’t mean some of these kids aren’t projects and won’t redshirt. As he talked about his first class, the players seemed to fall into groups.

• Lafonte Thourogood, QB/ATH
• Jarron Seymour, RB

• Barron Dixon, DL
• Josh Grady, QB
• Jahmel McIntosh, DB
• Derrick King, DB
• James Lewis, OL

• Darien Bryant, TE/DE
• Jimmy Stewart, DE/LB
• Andrew Williamson, DB
• Jacquese Kirk, WR/DB
• Dillon van der Wal, TE/DE

• Jake Bernstein, OL
• Larry Franklin, DB
• Conor Hart, DE
• Spencer Pulley, OL
• Steven Scheu, TE
• Jose Valedon, OL

• Kris Kentera, QB
• Joe Townsend, OL/DL


Greg M said...

ANy word on Mazyck?

even more anonymous said...

Stellar is the right word. If these guys can coach like they recruit, the Commies are going to be stepping up in class.

Great job reporting on all the recruiting.


Mazyck hasn't committed anywhere else, which leads me to believe it's an academic eligibility issue. I've heard he may spend a year in prep school before moving on, but not sure he would move here.

Will said...

The "Signing Party" was incredible; when I was walking thru the Black and Gold Balloon arch, hearing the pep band, and watching the cheerleaders....I couldn't help it....I committed on the spot!! The coaches are incredibley enthusiastic and thrilled to be at VU...predictable, but impressive!! Spring Ball starts March 18th, and there will be some practices open to the public....about time!! A coach who wants us involved!! Also, coach said we might still get Mazyck next year.

Greg M said...

Walked-on and played a one year at VU in '84. Love Vandy football but never followed recruiting that closely before so I don't have anything to compare this to. OK. so you guys tell me. This sounds pretty good considering the short period of time CJF had to work with, But again, don't have much to compare it to.