Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holy crap! Vandy steals Lafonte Thourogood from Virginia Tech — and Franklin's not finished yet

Wow, we just got something that Vandy doesn't get very often, and that's a signing day surprise involving a four-star athlete.

Sure, VU coaches are still waiting on TE Dillon van der Wal to fax his letter to us. But we just got a letter from Lafonte Thourogood. His name alone is worth putting on the roster. But Lafonte is also a four-star athlete, who had committed to Virginia Tech to play wide receiver, but apparently we're giving him a shot at quarterback. I bet he'll wind up at receiver, and if he does he'll be the kind of player we've sorely lacked at that position: Tall (6-2), big (225), fast and supremely athletic.

And click here to read more about him on the Vandy site.

But we need a quarterback. Also, we just got a signed letter of intent from Josh Grady, the three-star athlete who can play quarterback, receiver or cornerback, and we're awaiting one from Jerron Seymour, a running back with an offer from Tennessee who recently gave us a verbal commitment.

When's the last time we finished this strong, both in January and on signing day?

Franklin and his staff have worked wonders. He's now got a ton of athletes, including three quarterbacks — all of whom are athletic and can play different positions — and about a half dozen more skill guys who could play on either side of the ball.

These guys have a lot of growing up to do, but they're gonna get on the field fast and it's gonna be fun to watch.

One question: It looks like we've got a class of at least 19. Still waiting on letters from Mazyck and van der Wal. So which of our current scholarship holders flunked out of school or decided to graduate on time or transfer?


Anonymous said...

btw the way, that photo isn't of Thourogood, as he wore number 10 in high school. That picture is of his WR Justin Hunter. Just an FYI. But anyone Thourogood is a good get for CJF and his staff. I can't wait until CJF has a whole year to recruit not a month


I've fixed it. Thanks much.