Thursday, February 10, 2011

Look at the war room video and help us gather clues

For those of you still basking in the glory of signing day, you probably want to check out this video clip from the official Vanderbilt athletics site that takes you inside the signing day war room.

It shows Coach Franklin as he walks into work at 5 a.m., greets his fellow coaches, calls recruits to welcome them, fist-bumps his staff, etc. He looks like a fun guy to work for, if you worked hard and you were on the same page with him.

Oh yeah, and it also shows two giant status boards, one for offense and one for defense, and each with a depth chart. I could only catch glimpses of it. For example, the quarterbacks listed were Smith in orange as the starter, followed by Goro and the three new recruits. Yes, no mention of Jordan Rodgers on the depth chart. Not sure why.
We've been talking about Goro possibly not returning.

Also, walk-on Mark Panu, who played special teams last year and was listed as a defensive end, is on the chart as our starting — and only — fullback/H-back.

New recruit Jose Valedon, who's been primarily mentioned as a tackle, is listed as the backup center to Logan Stewart. Redshirt freshman Andrew Bridges is listed as the backup to left tackle Wesley Johnson.

Give it a look. If your computer and video player work better than mine you might be able to catch a few things I didn't.

What should you look for? Clues of who is not returning to school.

Am I saying that Jordan Rodgers is not returning to school? Or that candidates for H-back such as Fitz Lassing and Blake Gowder are gone or being moved to other positions? Or that Mylon Brown, who was listed last season as Johnson's backup, is gone or is losing ground to Bridges?

No, I don't know what I'm saying. All I know is that it would have been cool to have spent about 5 minutes looking at those war room boards.

Take a few minutes and check it out, and let us know if you see anything.


Anonymous said...

Another Loud-Mouth Vanderbilt Alum......

What do I think? I'm hoping it will be the "greatest turnaround in college football history". The way I see it, Vanderbilt was highly competitive and a consistent winner in football before 1960 and our overall record just recently (over the last two years) went into the loser's column. So it will be a big hill to climb of a (50 year?) downhill slide.
Commitment from the administration??
I'm optimistic... Frankin may do it. And, I'll consider buying season tickets. The best of Fortunes, Coach Franklin!

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed with the marketing of the program so far via this Youtube. This would have never been done under the previous staff. Just another reason that recruits may consider Vandy in next years class. Lets keep it going.....great job as usual Dimon.

Andrew VU '04 said...

Try not to turn this into the Zapruder film, Dimon.

Clark said...

One of my best friends was on the field at the Super Bowl and caught up with Jordan Rodgers after the game. Jordan said that he expects to be the starter this year. Sounds to me like he's definitely going to be around.

The Depth Chart also lists Kentera as the third QB, so let's not put too much stock into that board right now.

Anonymous said...

Read some chatter on this same topic on other VU blogs. Apparently Rodgers is not on the list because he's on the injured reserve. I didn't verify this, but the commenter went on to say that Warren Norman is not on the depth chart either because of the same IR reason. Regardless, seems odd Franklin would list a guy on the chart he knows will be back. Not sure, but just reporting what I saw on other blogs.

Dimon said...

Zapruder film? Now that's funny, Andrew. Yeah, I did notice that Stacy was listed as the starter at running back, followed by Tate, Hester and Seymour. That led me to the ridiculous assumption that perhaps Norman had been moved to WR. But Norman and Rodgers weren't listed because they're still rehabbing from injury. Makes sense to me. Oh, and Kentera was listed third because he committed first among the frosh QBs; I did get that from the video.

Anonymous said...

I think the recruits were added in order of when their faxes came in.

Also, we were thinking at AoG that Rodgers is still listed under the injured section that you can just barely see at the far end of the board.

You can't see him there, but maybe he's not officially cleared yet, even though he has recovered.

Anonymous said...

I believe I saw Burrow and Stewart at Left Guard and Center with Welchans and Brown as their respective back-ups. Good job catching that board, I didn't notice it at first glance...must not have been paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Ever-clamoring for constant football news...possible topics?

1. Too early to take a look at 2012 recruiting needs?

2. Projected depth chart?

3. Most heated position competitions?

Thanks for all the great reading material!

Anonymous said...

In past postings we have talked about some of the project players from 2010 recruiting class. Does anyone have any intel on winter workouts? weight gain? speed? Who looks to be developing into SEC type players at least from a body transformation stand point.