Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Vandy roster released, and the gang's all here... though some of them are heavier

We’ve been wondering for a while who’s not returning to the team and who might be changing positions. Well, the 2011 roster was just posted to the official VU site and we don’t have a heck of a lot of answers.


So who’s not returning to the team? Um, Matt Casas. Yes, the walk-on quarterback has fallen off the roster. No, Goro hasn’t gone anywhere.

That’s it. Jamie Graham is still listed as a wide receiver/slash/defensive back. Oh, and Ryan van Rensburg, who was honored on senior day, is still on the roster. (The other senior day honorees with a year of eligibility left – Tray Herndon and David Giller – are gone.)

Not sure what Franklin’s going to do about scholarships, but he hasn’t seemed worried about it, indicating that he’d likely lose some guys to injury, grades and the desire to transfer and get some playing time.


Not a lot of changes. Here are the few we could find:
• R-JR Micah Powell: From linebacker to running back
• R-JR Eric Samuels: From defensive back to running back/defensive back
• SO Fitz Lassing: From tight end to fullback/tight end
• R-FR Andrew Bridges: From general offensive line to tackle
• SO James Kittredge: From offensive line to defensive line

I love moving Kittredge back to defensive line. We’ve got plenty of bodies now at O-line and Kittredge has always looked like a D-lineman to me. He’s going to make a splash.


These guys have gained at least 10 pounds in the off-season:
• R-FR OT Andrew Bridges: 25 pounds, from 240 to 265
• SO TE/FB Fitz Lassing: 15 pounds, from 220 to 235
• R-JR DT Josh Jelesky: 15 pounds, from 245 to 260
• SO WR Jonathan Krause: 12 pounds, from 168 to 180
• SO DB Andre Hal: 10 pounds, from 175 to 185
• SO DB Steven Clarke: 10 pounds, from 180 to 190
• R-SO Javon Marshall: 10 pounds, from 185 to 195
• JR RB/DB Eric Samuels: 10 pounds, from 190 to 200
• SO LB Chase Garnham: 10 pounds, from 215 to 225
• SO HB Blake Gowder: 10 pounds, from 215 to 225
• R-FR OL Chase White: 10 pounds, from 270 to 280

These guys have actually lost weight:
• R-SR TE Brandon Barden: 5 pounds, from 250 to 245
• SO DB Karl Butler: 5 pounds, from 210 to 205


These guys have a chance to crack the depth chart, and fast:
• Chris Boyd, WR
• Andrew East, SN
• Kyle Woestmann, DE
• Andrew Bridges, OT
• Vince Taylor, DT

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Anonymous said...

Great so see that Charlie has kept his commitment in tact, even after the wholesuspension for not showing up for a class, hopefully the new coaching staff will see his true talents and use him....even outside of a qb position