Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time: End of third quarter
Score: 27-13 Vandy
Play of the second half so far: Redhawk QB Raudabach hits some big passes and sets his team up for third quarter field goal to narrow margin to two TDs.
Player of the second half so far: Raudabach
Surprise: Double reverse late in third quarter with 14-point lead. Nice to see we're not trying to grind it out. We need to put this away. We're faster than they are, but can't smash the ball through their D-line. Meriwether's loss has really hurt the Hawk offense.
Disappointment: Only two drives (both stalled) in the third quarter. Moving the ball a bit better as fourth quarter begins.

• Nickson shakes and bakes for a first down. Just keep it and run on every play.
• Nice run by Gaston Miller. He's definitely our best running back in this game. All 5-foot-7 of him.
• We're close to putting this one away but need a TD here.
• Little Chris Reinart snags a pass. Had only one catch last year. Think he's the first wideout besides Walker and Wheeler to get a reception.
• Nickson needs to throw the ball out of bounds instead of running out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage.
• Hoopster Jamie Graham grabs the first pass of his football, loses his helmet and still tries to get some more yards in traffic. Kid's a football player who plays some basketball, not the other way around.
• That Myron Lewis is one tall cornerback (6-3). That John Stokes is one tall inside linebacker (6-5).
• Redhawks can't throw long but doing a nice job of nickle and diming us. Still a long way from end zone. A score would get them back in this one.

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