Thursday, August 28, 2008


Boy, did Bobby Johnson pick the right quarterback or what? Nickson is unstoppable. A bomb and then a TD to Walker and then 122 yards rushing and two more touchdowns.

And DJ Moore is unstoppable, too.

Nickson, Moore, Myron Lewis, Sean Walker, Chris Marve and Broderick Stewart are fast and tough and in a different league than the Redhawks.

Our running backs, Jennings and Hawkins, don't look sharp. Little Gaston Miller was much better.

Nickson isn't getting much time to pass from the new O-line, and maybe that's why he's been off to the races for so many yards.

This one appears to be in the books, but the Commodores need to keep on pressing down on the Redhawks. Coach Johnson likes to grind it out and play ball control, but I'd like to see us strike quick, put the Redhawks in a deeper hole, and then make Radenbacher play catch-up against our deep and talented secondary.

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Allison Kennedy said...

How cool is this?? I don't even have to watch the game!