Friday, August 22, 2008


To post a winning record and go to its first bowl since the magical Hall of Fame Bowl season of 1982, Vanderbilt has got to pull off a couple of upsets.

The Commodores should beat Miami of Ohio on the road Thursday, and Rice and Duke at home later in the season. I didn't say they would, but they should.

That's three wins.

The Commodores could beat Ole Miss and Kentucky on the road. It won't be easy. Ole Miss is loaded thanks to master recruiter/lousy game coach Ed Orgeron, who's trapping gators (with a little "g") in the Bayou right now, and remember what Houston Nutt did in his first season at Arkansas? And Kentucky's been to two or three straight bowl games.

But if it happens, that's five wins.

Which means Vanderbilt has to win one of the following games: South Carolina, Auburn, Miss State, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Wake Forest.


The South Carolina, Auburn, Florida and Tennessee games are at home, but lately the Commodores actually play better on the road.

Anyway, it can be done. We'll run down big victories in Vanderbilt history for you soon.

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