Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time: 6:42 third quarter
Score: 27-13 Vandy
Play of the second half so far: Redhawk QB Raudabach hits some big passes and gets his team into field goal range.
Player of the second half so far: Raudabach
Surprise: Nothing really. Only one offensive drive so far for the Commodores and that one three and out backed up to their own end zone.
Disappointment: Hawkins and Jennings can't pick up anything deep in our own end zone. Maybe it's our line, but those guys just don't seem to be hitting the holes quickly.

• Redhawks go on fourth and 1 on the VU40 and convert by lining up and sneaking in before the Commodores are ready. A stop and a drive could have iced this game.
• Meriwether, the Redhawk running back, leaves the game with an injury. Good player; could start for us. They'll miss him if he's out for the game.
• Early in second half, looked like Miami was going to fake the punt but were offsides.
• Vandy backed up on its own 5 yard line. Handoffs to Jennings and Hawkins and Hawkins. Stuffed. Big surprise.
• Big throw by Raudabach on third down to get Redhawks down to VU 30. Dores need a stop.
• Don't get one. Jamal Rogers gets a first down. He's a player. And one of those guys with the long hair that sticks out of his helmet like a skunk's tail.
• We're sluggish in places, but we're avoiding penalties, an area of excellence for us last season.
• Big stop on 3rd and 5 on the VU10.

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