Monday, August 18, 2008


Since the magical Hall of Fame Bowl season of 1982, Vanderbilt has lost a whopping 34 times to Top 20 teams or traditional SEC powers by a touchdown or less. Here's the ’80s:

1983 — Vanderbilt 14, No. 17 Maryland 21 (Nashville)
The Commodores hold Boomer Esiason’s Terrapins to three touchdowns. But score two.

1983 — Vanderbilt 13, No. 8 Georgia 20 (Nashville)
At game's end, Vandy has three shots at the end zone. That sound you hear is Larry Munson hollering, “Terry Hoage! Terry Hoage! Terry Hoage!”

1984 — Vanderbilt 23, No. 19 Tulane 27 (Nashville)
OK, so Tulane doesn’t put fear into anybody these days. But back then the Green Waves or whatever they’re called were in the Top 20. Yes, they were.

1984 — Vanderbilt 27, No. 12 LSU 34 (Baton Rouge, La.)
Sure, Tiger Stadium's scary at night and all that. Still, the Commodores get themselves a Moreauxl Victory.

1987 — Vanderbilt 13, No. 17 Alabama 20 (Nashville)
Vandy's Chris Donnelly played so well that the Crimson Tide let him transfer and start for their 1991 national championship team.

1987 — Vanderbilt 36, Tennessee 38 (Knoxville)
With the freewheeling Eric Jones at the helm, the Commodores racked up some points in Knoxville. The defense was pretty freewheeling, too.

1988 — Vanderbilt 7, Tennessee 14 (Nashville)
With the freewheeling Eric Jones at the helm, the Commodores... oh nevermind.

1989 — Vanderbilt 14, No. 13 Alabama 20 (Nashville)
Early in a miserable season, Vandy gets a moral victory. It would not be the last.

1989 — Vanderbilt 10, No. 8 Tennessee 17 (Knoxville)
The one-win Commodores nearly beat the one-loss Volunteers. But symmetry is maintained and nothing changes.


Unknown said...

In 1984 against Tulane, it was actually 4-0 Vanderbilt that was ranked (the last time a VU team was ranked), not the Green Wave (who actually weren't very good that year).

You could say that was a moral loss.


Thanks, Chris. You're right, VU not Tulane was No. 19. So it was a moral loss. And we've had quite a few of those, too.