Saturday, November 19, 2011

Three thoughts on yet another Vandy nightmare

1. We played terrible, took the lead and then found a way to lose.
2. The refs did blow the whistle to kill the play. No way a referee was going to turn on his microphone in Neyland Stadium and say the touchdown was nullified because they blew the whistle. But they did blow the whistle.
3. Same old Vanderbilt. What else can you say? A pick six to lose in overtime? It could only happen to Vanderbilt. Yeah, we've found a great coach, but we're still inventing new ways to lose.


Anonymous said...

Every single one of the referees needs to barred from setting foot on a field again. I have never seen anything like the end of this game. One of the refs knows he blew the play dead and didn't have the gumption to point it out. If the guys are allowed to keep working I am not sure how I am supposed to trust the officiating of any game worked by an SEC crew.

even more anonymous said...

Somebody did blow the play dead -- but obviously by mistake. The guy's knee never hit the ground.

I'm more upset about the blocked field goal that was overturned.

1050 lb. said...

Spotting the Vols a touchdown early was only the beginning. The clip, the missed FG's, the running into the kicker...and all this against the worst Vol team in years, even worse than the 2008 Vols (who Vandy also didn't beat). For goodness' sakes, I thought Ted Cain might have been calling the plays in the second half.

No way Vandy beats Wake Forest. Goodbye, bowl bid.

The upside? Basketball team won over NC State, and they (ahem) closed it out with a 10-2 run. So at least one Vandy team knows how to seal the deal.

Clark said...

What's so frustrating about all of this is that there never is anything done to change the quality of officiating. On Monday or Tuesday, the SEC will come out and say that the officials should not have counted the touchdown, but that they aren't going to do anything about it. A referee has no reason to make the actual correct call in a game because there are no consequences. If a player ever did something that egregious, they'd be benched and suspended. If a coach did it, they'd be out the door. But when an official makes a mistake as monumental as this one, no one does a thing.

For anyone saying that it shouldn't matter whether or not the whistle blew, that the knee was never down, there's this. Players are preached at to play to the whistle. If you continue to play after the whistle, you get flagged or kicked out of the game (see Logan Stewart). So even if his knee never touched, once the whistle blows, every player is taught to stop. But in this case, apparently blowing the whistle means that Vandy should stop, so that (f)UT could win.

Knox777 said...

I was for the Vols, and I'm glad they won the game. At the same time, I was shocked by the call. I'll admit that I haven't stayed up on currents rules.I KNOW i've seen games in the past, where plays were stopped due to an INADVERTENT whistle. I still think we would have won the game, by running 3 times and kicking a field goal, but who knows what would have happen? I love the Vols, so I'll take it anyway we can. Now my buddy owes me 2 cases of Mt. Dew.


Glad you stopped by, Knox. Yeah, Vandy would have lost anyway and I'm not one of these guys saying the refs cost us the game.

We threw an interception on our last two possessions.

even more anonymous said...

And we went right back to that slant pass that they had already sussed out.

Knox777 said...

The Vols have always been my team, but I moved to Nashville in 1999. I've now been to more Vandy games than Vols games, so I do like the Dores...alot. To be honest, I think y'all have a real winner in Franklin; hope you can keep him. I'm still a bit unsure about Dooley, but only time will tell. Folks in Knoxville have really taken notice of Franklin. I was up in K-town for the MTSU game, and the radio talk show Sunday morning was talking about him. Hope you beat Wake and keep things rolling. All in all a great year so for for the Dores.

VandyPhile said...

Just last week, we were told that the refs are calling late hits for when they deem the play over, even though no whistle has blown. Now they are saying that play continues even if the whistle is blown.
Either way, they messed up the last play. By rule, it should have been stopped before the TD, only because of the wrongly blown whistle (audible on the replay, even). It has happened to us several times in years past, exactly this way.

Our mistakes killed us.
UT is still highly over-represented in the "obnoxious fan" category.

We are being assured by UT fans that their kicker would have won the game in OT. The same kicker that earlier kicked the ball into his center for a block.