Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vanderbilt's future's bright regardless of how the Wake Forest game turns out

About 30 minutes from kickoff in Winston-Salem and I'm pulling for the Wildcats over the Vols in Lexington.

Yeah, it would be nice for the Commodores to play a bowl game in either Nashville or Memphis, and for the Vols to play in a bowl game, well, nowhere.

Of course, while the Cats just forced a punt and are trying their best to take care of business, the Commodores must take care of business too.

I'm not nervous about this one, though. I think we've got a decent chance to beat Wake Forest and I believe we'll play much better than we did last week. But I also believe that we don't need to win this game for the season to be a success. Sure, it'd be really nice to get another month of practice.

But I'm not going to freak out if we lose. Think what we've learned about this team since September:

1. We've found us an outstanding head coach.
2. We've got an offense that can find a way to move the ball and score against top-flight SEC defenses.
3. We've found a quarterback, we've developed a decent offensive line, and our receivers are making tough catches in traffic against SEC defensive backs.
4. We're getting commitments in droves from SEC-caliber players.
5. We're taking Top 5 teams to the wire.
6. We're nearly unstoppable on our home turf.
7. The future has never been brighter if you're a Commodore fan.

None of this changes if we lose today, but heck, let's top it off with a something we haven't done this season (win a road game) and do something nobody thought we could do (win six games and go to a bowl.

Let's do it!


Another L-M VU Alum said...

Well, the Tenn/UK game is over. My father in-law-went to Commonwealth with the tickets today so I hope he is happy, and to me, the tailgaiting in Lexington is some of the best in the SEC. My prediction was a UK win on Senior Day. Now for Wake Forest/VU.

even more anonymous said...

Good on UK! They got up off the floor after the Commies beat them senseless. Who would have thought they'd play UGa tough and then knock UT out of a bowl.