Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hey Colby Cooke, can you enroll at Vandy right away?

Meet our next field goal kicker. His name’s Colby Cooke, and sure, he looks like a computer programmer, but he can’t be any worse than Carey Spear, who missed two first-half kicks against Bama and shanked a game-tying kick at the buzzer against Arkansas, or Ryan Fowler, who just missed two field goals in the first half against Tennessee.

Cooke’s supposed to grayshirt because Spear’s returning next season and Fowler will be a redshirt senior who may or may not be invited to return. Hey, might want to call Colby and tell him he can go ahead and plan to enroll in the summer of 2012 instead of spring 2013 as planned.

At halftime, we have more yards than UT (175-126), four more first downs and nearly 10 more minutes of possession.

But Jordan Rodgers looks shaky, fumbling on the first possession, throwing an interception on the second, killing a drive by falling tripping on his own feet and falling down on third down, and missing a wide-open Chris Boyd in the end zone toward the end of the half, just before Fowler hooked a 34-field goal to the left.

On the bright side, we did actually score our first touchdown in the first half of a road game this season. Before this game, we’d been outscored 45-3 in the first half on the road.

We should be winning in Knoxville right now. We shot ourselves in the foot just like we did in the first half in Gainesville. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Vandy locker room right now.

Give ’em hell, Coach.

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