Saturday, November 19, 2011

Archibald Barnes! Archibald Barnes! Archibald Barnes!

We'd be dead in the water without Archie, who has two interceptions and 128 return yards. With UT driving for another score and a 21-7 lead, Archie grabbed a Tyler Bray pass and sped 100 yards for a touchdown.

His legs were moving so fast his No. 15 looked like No. 16 and for a second I thought it was Eddie Foster, a former starting cornerback who's one of the fastest guys on the team but has been relegated to special teams.

With all the redshirt juniors screwing up for so far, Archibald's one redshirt who I guarantee you will be welcomed with open arms next season.

Let's get this win!

In the past, we've played great and then blown the game in the end. Today, we're playing terrible and we're tied with the Vols and have the moment.

We'll take it.

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