Friday, April 3, 2009

Vanderbilt's got 'David Boston without the steroids'

Chris Low, whose blog work you know we love, continues to say what we've been saying too: Vanderbilt badly needs Terence Jeffers in the lineup this fall.

And apparently the only thing that'll keep that from happening is if Terrence doesn't have enough credit hours transfer from Connecticut, where he played for two seasons, and if he can't pass enough credit hours this spring and summer to make up the difference.

Vanderbilt wrapped up its spring with a final practice on Thursday, and one of the keys to the Commodores' 2009 season will be receiver Terence Jeffers' progress in the classroom.

"He's doing what he needs to do," Coach Bobby Johnson told Low. "It's just a matter of meeting NCAA requirements, and you can never depend on what's going to transfer from another school. We're looking at hours right now as being the biggest obstacle. He's trying and working hard. I'm somewhat confident that he'll make it."

Somewhat confident. Thanks for the reassurance, coach.

Johnson and the other Vanderbilt folks haven't exactly been talking up Jeffers attributes to the media probably because (1) they don't want to get everybody's hopes up and (2) they want to maintain the element of surprise. Maybe we can get him down to Baton Rouge without much fanfare (we open with Western Carolina and then travel to LSU) and let the Bayou Bengals get all cocky and then Larry Smith can launch some rockets to Jeffers.

But Low quotes senior center Bradley Vierling saying that the 6-foot-2 Jeffers is a burner who bench-presses more than 400 pounds.

"Terence's weight room statistics are unbelievable," Vierling said. "He weighs 225 pounds, and it's all muscle. He looks like David Boston out there without the steroids. He's got a tremendous amount of speed, too."

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