Monday, April 6, 2009

Vanderbilt installs the no-huddle offense

You may have heard that Vanderbilt has installed the no-huddle offense. Some folks speculated a couple of weeks ago that Johnson was just running it in the spring because some recruits were in attendance. Every young kid wants to run the no-huddle, right? When former Titans tight end Frank Wycheck, who does radio work on 104.5 The Zone, heard that, he told Coach Bobby Johnson that he wouldn't have been attracted to the no-huddle as a college recruit. You know, because it forces you to get the lead out.

Anyway, Johnson had some interesting stuff to say about the no-huddle in a radio interview last week. For one thing, he said it's not an easy thing to install. "It’s really hard to make sure all 11 (players) are doing the right thing if you’re trying to do it quickly." The advantage, he said, is that the team runs more plays in practice than it usually does.

On what the offensive linemen think about the no-huddle: "The offensive linemen like it because the defensive linemen get tired in a hurry and get confused and sometimes aren’t lined up correctly and we’ve got a chance to get a big play, and also defensive coordinators can’t have time to line up a zone dog or a man blitz and most of the time go vanilla."

How his offensive line is suited for the no-huddle: "We’re not the biggest offensive line in the conference. We are a little more athletic than we’ve been and it does give our guys a chance to use their ability to get out and come back to the line and ... you do use a few more things like the jail breaks and bubble screens and things like that and it gives them a chance to get out on the screens and make a few good blocks."

Yep, Reilly Lauer isn't the biggest left tackle in the world (6-6, 275) but he's a converted defensive end and pretty quick. Guard Kyle Fischer is the backup left tackle. And right tackle Thomas Welch came to Vanderbilt as a tight end.

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