Sunday, April 5, 2009

D.J. Moore ready for the NFL — forget his 40 and think about his 20

D.J. Moore's stock has dropped since he's been poked and prodded and timed in the combines.

The main knock on him is his 40-yard dash times, which have dropped into the 4.5s. Lately Mel Kiper, the draft guru who projected D.J. as a first-rounder before the combines, now says he could go as late as the third round but will be a steal for somebody once the stop watches are put away and D.J. dons pads.

The other day in a radio interview, Vanderbilt Coach Bobby Johnson said the number that really matters is 20 — as in D.J.'s 20-yard dash time.

"D.J.’s as fast as anybody is in 20 yards," Johnson told Nashville's FM 104.5. "He’s got great ball skills. If we’d kept him on offense all four years, he might have made Earl Bennett second team as far as I’m concerned. If somebody takes him, they’re gonna get a great player."

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