Sunday, April 26, 2009

D.J. Moore joins Earl, Jay, Chris and Hunter in Chicago

Still can't believe D.J. slipped from a projected first-rounder in January to a fourth-rounder today, the second day of the draft.

Months ago, D.J. Moore was one of the top three cornerbacks along with Jenkins of Ohio State and Davis of Illinois. But today he was actually the 18th cornerback selected. He was taken 36 picks after Asher Allen of Georgia and 27 picks below Jerraud Powers of Auburn, and those guys had never been mentioned in the same sentence as D.J.

But I think he'll do just fine, and I think he'll be a better pro than Earl Bennett, whom the Bears took in the third round last season. Of course, Earl has that whole mind-meld thing going with his new quarterback and old Vandy teammate Jay Cutler.

If you like following Vanderbilt plays in the NFL, you might as well just watch the Bears, who now have a whopping five Commodores — Moore, Bennett, Cutler, Chris Williams and Hunter Hillenmeyer.

Maybe Reshard Langford can sign as a free agent. Wasn't surprised Reshard didn't get drafted, especially when D.J. slipped as far as he did, but still think he'll surprise some folks when he gets to an NFL camp.

SEC COUNT: South Carolina led the way among SEC teams with seven drafted, including Ryan Succop, the kicker-punter, as Mr. Irrelevant. (Sure it was irrelevant when there were 27 rounds or whatever in the draft but is it really that irrelevant anymore?) Georgia and LSU were next with six players, then Bama and Ole Miss with four each, then Auburn and Florida with three. Arkansas, Vandy and Tennessee had one guy each. Miss State played but did not score.

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