Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some final thoughts before Vanderbilt plays Boston College in the Music City Bowl

A few highlights from listening to Bobby Johnson in a press conference and a radio interview today:

• Jamie Graham will play at tailback and Vanderbilt will use him catching the ball out of the backfield.

• Jared Hawkins will get some snaps too, but hasn't scrimmaged in a month and Johnson doesn't know how long he'll last in the game.

• Johnson compares Boston College's defense to Auburn's and their offense to Tennessee's when Cutliffe was the offensive coordinator.

• Johnson said one Boston College stat jumped out at him: The Golden Eagles lead the nation in non-offensive touchdowns, and have a non-offensive touchdown in seven straight games.

• Jeff Jagodzinski, the Boston College coach, pointed out that a Music City Bowl win would give his team three straight double-digit victories and make this senior class the winningest in BC history.

• Johnson wouldn't say which of his three quarterbacks would start the game for Vanderbilt. "Will they let me play all three at the same time?" he wondered aloud.

• Jagodzinski said that Vanderbilt and Boston College are what college football is supposed to be, with academics "important" and playing football "fun."

• When Jagodzinski realized the weather will be 40 degrees at kickoff, he said "our guys will try to get a tan tomorrow."

• Jagodzinski said he planned to play Atlanta Falcons rookie of the year Matt Ryan in the Music City Bowl, and Johnson said, "See if Jay's in town," meaning of course Jay Cutler.

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