Monday, December 8, 2008

Music City Bowl ranks in the bottom half of bowls

Nashville will be my only bowl destination this year, so when it comes to my favorite bowl matchup, obviously I'm voting with my wallet for the Music City Bowl.

But I don't expect anybody who doesn't root for Vanderbilt or Boston College to actually rank this one in the top half of the 34 bowl games.

ESPN's Mark Schlabach ranks the Music City Bowl at No. 25, ahead of Wake Forest-Navy, Kentucky-East Carolina, Buffalo-Connecticut, Rice-Western Michigan, Colorado State-Fresno State, Memphis-South Florida, Florida Atlantic-Central Michigan, Southern Miss-Troy and (drumroll, please!) Northern Illinois-Louisiana Tech.

Bet you didn't know all those schools even had college football teams.

Here's how all the SEC tie-in bowls fared in his rankings:

1. BCS National Championship Game: Florida vs. Oklahoma

5. Sugar Bowl: Utah vs. Alabama

6. Capital One Bowl: Georgia vs. Michigan State

10. Cotton Bowl: Ole Miss-Texas Tech

11. Chick-fil-A Bowl: LSU-Georgia Tech

18. Outback Bowl: South Carolina-Iowa

21. Bowl: NC State-Rutgers (No SEC teams available)

25. Music City Bowl: Boston College-Vanderbilt

27. Liberty Bowl: Kentucky-East Carolina

34. Independence Bowl: Northern Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech (No SEC or Big 12 teams available.)

I like the LSU-Georgia Tech and the Ole Miss-Texas Tech matchups better than Georgia-Michigan State (the Spartans are the worst 9-3 team in America) and Alabama-Utah (why couldn't we see Alabama-USC or Alabama-Texas?).

But I agree with the Independence Bowl. Is this the worst bowl game ever or what?

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